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Gina Chick Age

As of January 9, 2024, Gina Chick is estimated to be around 53 years old. This calculation is based on information from various sources, including her Instagram and articles about her winning Alone Australia at the age of 52 in May 2022. Keep in mind that estimating ages of public figures can have some uncertainties. If you have other specific questions about Gina Chick, I can provide more information on her career or achievements

Gina Chick Wikipedia

As of January 9, 2024, Gina Chick doesn’t have her own Wikipedia page. However, you can find details about her:

  1. Alone Australia: Check the Wikipedia article for Alone Australia, where Gina is featured as the winner of season 2 in May 2022.
  2. First Nations Knowledge: Look for mentions of Gina in articles related to First Nations knowledge, particularly regarding her involvement in the show and engagement with palawa consultants.
  3. SBS Presenter: Explore the SBS Wikipedia page to learn about Gina’s role as a presenter and discover more about the network’s programming.
  4. Rewilding and Nature Connection: Check Wikipedia articles on rewilding and nature connection for references to Gina’s work, possibly alongside other notable figures or initiatives in these fields.

Gina Chick’s Family

Gina Chick has a rich writing lineage, with her grandmother, Charmian Clift, and mother, Suzanne Chick, both notable authors. She identifies with her Indigenous Australian heritage, belonging to the Bare Yuin/Dharawal/Jerrinja communities, influencing her worldview. While details about specific family members are private, Gina often acknowledges their strong support, indicating a close-knit network contributing to her success.

Gina Chick podcast

Gina Chick doesn’t have her own podcast, but she’s been featured on different ones:

  1. The Imperfects: Gina talks about her life, challenges, and winning Alone Australia. Available on Apple Podcasts and Spotify.
  2. DIRT TIME with Dr. Karl Kruszelnicki & Gina Chick: Gina discusses survival science and skills in the wilderness. Listen on the ABC listen app.
  3. SBS Radio Interviews: Gina shares her cultural background and nature connection on shows like “The Drawing Room” and “Living Black.”
  4. Podcasts Mentioning Gina Chick: Look for her in episodes covering survival, First Nations knowledge, and rewilding initiatives

Gina Chick’s Intagram

Gina Chick is on Instagram as @gigiamazonia. Here’s a quick look:

  • Followers: 53.7K+
  • Posts: 349, sharing her interests and activities
  • Content: Photos and videos from nature adventures, cultural insights, work promotions (like “Alone Aus” podcast hosting), and glimpses of her personal life.
  • Engagement: Active with comments and stories.

Her Instagram keeps you connected with her work, passions, and a peek into her unique life. Additional details:

  • Link in Bio: Check her Linktree for more on projects and social media.
  • Hashtags: Uses #greatwalks, #rewild, #5rhythms, #yuin to share values and interests.
  • Stories: Personal, behind-the-scenes moments, travels, and thoughts


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